Thursday, July 19, 2012

what is the Significance of the Great Pyramid & The Ark of Covenant?

Now we're getting somewhere! I knew there had to be a mechanism for all these things, and this is the first model that seems to hold them all together. It not only accounts for the reputed properties of the Great Pyramid, the Dendera Light Bulb, etc.--it also accounts for the Orion-Osiris origins of the Egyptian dieties themselves! Knock me over with Isis' feather! I never thought I'd hear enlightenment coming from an engineer!
Please,are you serious? The world is full of voices wanting to be heard,only they are the ones that should listen, for what you seek is already there waiting for you to realize it.
How wonderful to read these comments...I love this website and have happily renewed today...I trust the hosts, and the careful selection of people they interview, and download to my mp3 player and get educated while I am in the twilight zone...between earth's illusion - and heaven's reality...wonderful team all of you...Roz
If true about the ark and the pyramid there still would be radiation levels in the kings chamber ! If the Ark was used in such a way. It was said to have killed all its bearers via its powers with cancerous tumours etc. If the Great Pyramid was much older than they say {say Atlantean 12000 yo} then how dose the ark fit into the story? Was it the Egyptians for a time had no power? Did another ark like device existed long ago? It could be that the pyramid was also a free energy device similar to Nicola Tesla's, but they got it to work.
Also in egypt there are carvings of people in prayer with lines coming off their heads to stars, were they communicating using their minds ?

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