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The Answer Is A 7 x 6 = 42 Matrix

Herbalife Internation Informtion

Why YOU need to be partnered with Herbalife?

As a six–figure earner  the goal at Health Wealth and Stealth is to provide YOU long-term asset protection…Why, because YOU are in the top 50th percentile and when it comes to paying taxes…YOU need to purchase an International Business Pack, also called an IBP – I prefer a Business-In-A-Box – which provides YOU a “real business-in-a-box” – which IS now a tax deduction…since all your assets are locked in real estate, stocks, etc... or  YOU “give away” money in the form of grants and loans to reduce taxes… as a six-figure earner YOU can offset the high cost of taxes by becoming a home-based Health Information Specialist via a network marketing company -- with over 36 years success and in 80 countries (see recorded sales growth 1980-2011 and beyond).

When YOU can out perform other companies in health and wealth…the Business-In-A-Box is an independent business package designed to hold on to your hard earned money. Donald Trump (billionaire) and Robert Kiyosaki (millionaire) both promote network marketing as a successful business model and Paul Zane Pilzer a leading economist said it best…”The next trillion dollar industry is the health and wellness industry… even now in demand because of Obamacare or is that Obamascare?

As one of the founders of Health, Wealth, & Stealth…YOU receive the Business-In-A-Box concept which contains all the information you need to get started –YOU only need to invest $60 or $100 to get started…

NEW: Online Herbalife Distributor Application

However, Health Wealth and Stealth is about accelerating the process done seamlessly through their “online sponsoring system” (receive FREE targeted leads). Only in the United States, South Africa, and some other countries, can YOU enroll online first, and thereafter they deliver your IBP to you, making the process slightly faster and more efficient.Your unique Herbalife ID number registers you onto the worldwide Herbalife computer system. Herbalife keeps track of all your business on your behalf and takes care of about 95% of the usual business admin a conventional business would have, giving you more free time to focus on building your distributorship and taking advantage of the Herbalife marketing plan.


As a distributor YOU have the right to do two things:

·         Purchase the Herbalife products at a minimum discount of 25%, and

·         Sponsor other people into your network, like you have been sponsored.

You will have access to place your discounted orders directly from Herbalife within minutes and receive the Business-In-A-Box which includes detailed instructions on being a distributor along with some samples. Before YOU decide to take action watch the YOUtube video “A message from CEO Michael Johnson” at ... then start receiving YOUR discount at 25%! YOU do this by joining Herbalife through the exclusive online sponsoring system in 5 easy steps:

·         1.Click on the following link

·         2.For “Sponsor’s Herbalife ID Number” enter “10y“

·         3.For “First 3 Letters of Sponsor’s Last Name” enter “EBB“

·         4.For “Purchased an International Business Pack (IBP) from your Sponsor?” Select “No”

·         5.Click “Next” and follow the instructions to complete your Herbalife membership application.

Sponsoring other people to join Herbalife online in your own Herbalife business is an essential skill that you “earn-to-learn”… if you are serious about Herbalife ... and YOU see value the online system is easy and simple…that anyone can do! My name is Raymond Ebbeler, MBA and it’s my honor to have you on my Herbalife team. I have personally lost weight on the Herbalife products…Okay, enough talk. Let’s go! Full Speed Ahead!!!



The Company Strategy is a simple one:

Use the products yourself… Believe in the effectiveness of the products are essential; you cannot recommend it to others, if you don’t use it yourself and know that it works.

Do YOU Want To Pay NOW Or Pay Later…

This is just a simple question – to jump start people who are asleep…they will notice the ENERGY in the conversation, and make some remark where you can choose to share Herbalife with them…the three-foot rule allows you to do this effectively. However, you will become the hunted instead of the hunter…How?

Join the Inner Circle and Receive FREE Targeted Leads To Accelerate YOUR Business…

Everybody can benefit from these products. Tell your friends and family that you are involved in Herbalife, that you can recommend the products…Interested in your health and your wealth??? GREAT!!!

Chances are that if YOU don’t talk to them first, somebody else will. There are no limits on how you talk to people. However, Health, Wealth, & Stealth gives FREE targeted leads -- people who are interested and have been contacted in one week.

The best marketing plan in the network marketing industry is a payback of 73% . As your sponsor Health, Wealth, & Stealth will not only train YOU in FOUR possible income streams with “Herbalife”. But two of them are active incomes and two are passive incomes.

Residual Income and Geometric Progression

When YOU share Herbalife with other people, and they are interested, they will obviously want to try the products. They can do so as retail customers, i.e. buy the products from you at the full retail price, or they can buy it at wholesale from you or Herbalife, at a minimum 25% discount. (If they want to buy at wholesale, YOU will first have to sponsor them into the business.) For this reason, it is always prudent to have a little bit of stock on hand. If they buy at retail, you make an immediate retail profit. YOU purchase the products at a discount, they pay retail price, the difference is your retail profit: win/win

If they want to purchase at wholesale, they will need to get registered with an IBP. This will put them on an immediate 25% discount. The difference between your discount and their discount, will be your wholesale profit.

Discount/Wholesale system

 Herbalife has a discount system of 25%, 35%, 42% and 50%. The more products you and your distributors purchase during any given month, the higher your discount will be. Each discount position relates to a level in the marketing plan you can step up to. Once qualified to a higher discount position, you will remain there for 12 months. If during those 12 months you requalify to that position, you will remain there for the next 12 months. These initial levels are:

·          25% – Distributor

·          35% – Senior Consultant

·          42% – Success Builder

·          50% – Supervisor

To earn the second level of income, wholesale profit, you need to be at a higher discount level than the distributor purchasing the products.

Volume points explained

Each product is assigned a volume point (VP) and  is designed to create equality in all the different Herbalife countries around the world, in spite of the individual currencies of those countries. For example, a Formula 1 Nutritional Shake is assigned 23.95 volume points, or VP. This way, the company can keep track of all the products that were purchased by you and your network of distributors.

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