Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Library of Alexandria: Suppressed Science and Technology

The graphic depicts the lines of force that are emitted from a two-dimensional representation of a "pyramidal shaped device" and that the ancients knew of such a device or apparatus. Can the shape be inherent in a corporeal life form? I have often asked this question, and obviously, "pyramid power" was a new age fad in the 1970's but does the geometry provide the basis for capturing a law of attraction that is, according to nature, a life-enriching experience? In my attempts to study the human aspect of psychology, I ventured in borderland sciences -- that went beyond finite experience. Having read "books" on the subject I became educated as an esoteric scientist. However, were these books based on fact or fiction such that "poetic license" is the imagination of the author? Obviously, my curiosity got the better of me and I started "experimenting" with neo thinking relative to bioenergy. I founded Black Box Energies and Research and started self-experiments and through self-funding these projects I became enlightened that I was contacted by a secret society. My mentor and I now communicate in a fashion that defies the norms. I was given permission to relate information because 12/21/2012 is about transcendence -- an infinite life experience. However, this is construed as an empowerment which is up to the individual since this is a subjective experience that is evidenced as in the eye of the beholder. To which the self is no longer which the self is a replication of the physical self called the "body double" which is, in essence and in the vernacular, the "aethereal body." Research by William Tiller, Ph.D. conducted (1970s) on "devices" that could alter the molecular structure of water through imprinting may provide an understanding. However, de La Warr's radionic devices were also about imprinting (1950s). Why is there a twenty-year gap in reporting the results?...The next blog will discuss on Tiller's research at Stanford University which is reported to the annals of science and technology, but that research on the law of attraction conducted at Yale University is suppressed by our own Government...Why? Google "law of attraction at Yale" and see what results. Unfortunately, you can not and will not find any mention of this scientific breakthrough...Yet I would surmise that the military has this information under top secret...Why? I now have the documents in my archives for you to have as the Neo Library of Alexandria based on the ancient library which was destroyed by fire Library of Alexandria...Why? None of our modern contemporary libraries in America or the world contain this information...Finally in a future blog will be a discussion on the Akashic records and the parallel to the Great Pyramid at El Giza, Egypt. Continue to come back to these blogs for hidden golden nuggets.

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