Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Significance of the Pineal Gland and the Release of DMT

So...can you turn your thoughts into reality? This is the question that everybody wants answered. The question is how can you turn your thoughts into reality? As you know I have been discussing on the law of attraction as a real phenomenon. 

I have first hand information as to the law of attraction as a study conducted by Yale University which is suppressed by our government. As a scientist/psychologist/pyramidologist you can have access to a scientific database that identifies this suppressed research and technology which is the "new excerpt included in the second CD".

Did you know that every year self-made millionaires are tapping the law of attraction. I mean how do people who literally start off with nothing go from rags to riches? It is not about how much education you have, and it is not who you know, or what kind of work you are doing. It is not on how much money you is some thing more that comes from within.

What if you could enter a state of consciousness that is so powerful that you could literally manipulate reality around you? In this space, the mysteries of the universe/cosmos are is a simple but effective technique that naturally releases pineal DMT which is produced in the brain and is an active agent in different altered states. This great potential can be awakened as the solar plexus in conjunction with the scientific formula where you will manifest virtually anything because the pineal gland is a star gate. This tiny organ in the center of the brain allows individuals to use their psychic abilities -- but only when you activate the frequencies for abundance, wealth, and happiness.on the second CD you will receive a 4-step success formula that accelerates the law of attraction with or without the need of the PyramiTroniX Resonator.

Of all my subscribers to my youtube channel ( I have been asked what is the "new excerpt" that is added to the second CD?

Since you are already familiar with the PyramiTroniX Resonator; what I have not discussed is the 'X-Factor' necessary to understanding the "contextual-creative structured matrix" as the time tetrahedron (the Great Pyramid) and the space tetrahedron (any dream or desire).

Although, businesses are considered the primary reason for manifesting success and happiness as a result of enhancing financial status; the second CD is where you use the "X-factor" a 4-step process that assures you success and happiness based on empowering your questions. The human mind works through questions, not statements. 

This is the revolutionary breakthrough from the suppressed research at Yale University which is available to you -- only when you send for the first CD which is free and the request the second CD. Because on the second CD, the law of attraction is about objective reality that you restructure called "getting into the vortex."

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