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The Answer Is A 7 x 6 = 42 Matrix

Herbalife Internation Informtion

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Volume points explained

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Acceleration As A Perception/Conception Differential

A profound restructuring of consciousness and a considerable leap is required to conceive and receive the law of attraction.

Perception and conception are two distinct faculties that you possess. Where perception is concerned with events; conception is primarily concerned with inter-relations between those events. However, the universe and cosmos are the complex aggregate of the whole inter-relations of events in existence. Therefore, to comprehend that complex aggregate of inter-relations known as the universe and cosmos; you must transcend  subjective reality of perceptual experience and construct a conceptual map in concordance with logic that reflects the underlying design principles of the universe and cosmos. By moving from the perceptual-centered to a conceptual-centered consciousness, you enter the realm of objective reality and it is the objective reality that harnesses the law of attraction -- power claimed by only a conscious being -- where you can integrate conceptual-consciousness to manifest your desires and dreams into reality.
 The PyramiTroniX Resonator (PTR) is such a conceptual map, which is an acronym for"Mind Acceleration Programs"that you can construct for yourself. This is accomplished by the following: 
Since human beings are self-causative; consciousness must generate a continuous integration of energy to sustain its existence and must continuously exert effort to fulfill its function as the conceptual integrator of reality.
Reason Versus Rationalization
Knowledge is power; integrated knowledge is accelerated power -- not potential, but kinetic...that you can control as the law of attraction at work...the ultimate fulfillment in existence.

Reason is the faculty of the mind that conceptually identifies and integrates the materials provided by the senses: perception and previous perceptions.

Reason is functioning in the conceptual-centered modality where perceptual-centered modality is rationalization

Reason is an intellectual process for achieving an integrated conceptual picture of reality that begins with perception, and through logic, becomes manifest as reality.  Whereas,rationalization  is an intellect process for fabricating an "illusory"reality in concept by disconnecting conception from perception.

Thus reason is based on the primacy of existence, whereas rationalization is based on the primacy of consciousness. The primacy of existence is the principle of reality. No valid knowledge is ever possible without observing the primacy of existence, for existence is taking action with reason and on purpose...
What Is Your Reason For Existence and Purpose?
Those who are intellectually starved and desire new concepts for accelerating the law of attraction will need the PyramiTroniX Resonator to enhance their livelihood by starting a new reality and by changing their stagnant lifestyle.

For reasons that only you know the PyramiTroniX Resonator is a "device"  that will enhance your life by integrating the shape of the Great Pyramid at El Giza, Egypt and a "pyramid cavity" an incubator for manifesting reality from "thought-forms" or positive affirmations along with a radionics circuit which produces a scalar energy as an objective scientific process to accelerate the law of attraction.

Necessary for this to occur is the construction of the PyramiTroniX Resonator in the form of a "kit" that you put together using both ancient and modern science and technology as a means to alter your brain wave activity as alpha and theta brain entrainment (necessary for a creative consciousness) which uses logic and reason to accelerate the law of attraction.
In principle the law of attraction is an electromagnetic field (see Fig. 1) to which integration of new knowledge is required for change: the pursuit of higher values for living to benefit all humankind. These values, once transcended and crystallized as physical reality is the reason and purpose for growth and development as a human being: mental, physical, and spiritual.
Fig. 1
 Fig. 2a. Stage I Development of the Three-Dial Heironymus Radionics Schematic
Fig. 2b A Symbolic Heironymus Radionic Circuit
Fig. 3. Stage II Development of the 'electric circuit' For Biological Immortality
A radionics or psionics circuit is and continues to have stages of evolution as the brain (see Fig. 2) of thePyramiTroniX Resonator  and produces scalar energy emissions that couples with the photons of the aether in the universe and cosmos (the law of attraction).
 The capture of photons has been studied at Yale University and that the Law of Attraction can be scientifically determined.
To receive the first CD as part of the two-CD set you will need to send an email message to receive the CD which features the Yale study and other interesting research such as a military teleportation study conducted by the U.S. Air Force.
Because the Great Pyramid is a tetrahedral shape and provides the context for creating a structured matrix; the prototype model is used to explain the pyramidal housing assembly as the shape of the Great Pyramid at El Giza, Egypt (scaled down) having the dimensions of 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 51 seconds and serves as a "cavity."
Of great significance is the pyramid's "cavity" which serves as an amplifier to accelerate the law of attraction based on a context-created structured matrix also called a thought-form that you create. Bypass CD I to receive the kit.
Fig. 4a. The PyramiTroniX Resonator Kit Reverse-Engineered
Fig. 4b. A Contextual-Creative Structured Matrix Is A Thought-Form

Fig 5. 555 Integrated Circuit
Stage III Development As An Activated PyramiTroniX Resonator In Real-Time
Thus, the PyramiTroniX Resonator which is an amplification process for augmenting the neuronal  discharges of  the human brain and body -- is an empowered burst of electricity down all the corresponding pyramidal cell membrane surfaces, whereby repeating the process through the use of pulsed electromagnetic signatures (alpha and theta) propagates a signal down the length of the cell structure. The interaction effect may contribute to a self-healing based on the enhanced application and as evidenced by  "chemical neurotransmitter molecule interaction" to signal other neurons. The results have been validated through scientific research (DVD II: Yale University, p. 42).
Fig. 6. Amplified Wave Propagation
Therefore, when there are sufficient numbers of neurotransmitters to activate other neurons, various brain circuits become overactive as amplified wave propagations. Of interest is brain entrainment where you can alter the brain wave activity to change reality.
Fig. 7. Synchronized Energy (Synergy) As Brain Wave Activity
Receive your FREE eBook or hard copy (manuscript) with the blueprints to construct the PyramiTroniX Resonator as a Kit so you can "place a thought-form inside the pyramid cavity" of the PyramiTronix Resonator. Thought-forms are desires and dreams -- that have not manifested as reality, and the cavity is an "incubator to manifest your thought-form as reality" because of the "amplification" process whereby the law of attraction is NOW accelerated!!!" Receive the first DVD for FREE on how to receive your exclusive kit. Whereas, the second DVD includes joint ventures with companies using advanced science and technological breakthroughs (future business  models) as joint venture opportunities that are of the "mind" because of new thought processing: non-linear right-brain thinking that Napoleon Hill and Wallace Wattles spoke about for future happenstance where you can alter and enhance your current life style regarding a future free from non-health (disease), non-wealth, (oppression and poverty) and non-stealth (no privacy and sovereignty). For faster response call 888-888-9802 X 69238 (24 / 7). Leave your first and last name with complete address, and please spell out any difficult names. Shipping and handling is paid for.If you desire the manuscript instead of the DVD, make your request by snail mail:  White Hat Publications, 2228 18th SW, Largo, FL 33774.

Affiliate Marketing Program I Download the funded proposal eBook You Can Attract It 
Affiliate Marketing Program II: Download the FREE eBook The Science of Getting Rich
Affiliate Marketing Program III: FREE demo  (click the graphic)
Alternate Names For the Aether / Law of Attraction
 The ten years of research that I had done in psychology as near-death and out-of-body experiences revealed an over-unity of energy that one would call meta-physical or para-psychological From the unpublished paper, which my professors regarded as “ambitious” I referred to the three dimensional mobius strip as n-space and the three-dimensional cylinder as space. A derivative from the research were the numerous names given to aether. I have included the significance of these names for individuals to do their own research if so inclined.

Akasa (Hindu)

Animal Magnetism (Mesmer)

Arealoah (Francis Nixon)

Astral Light (Kabbalists)

Baraka (Sufis)

Bio-Cosmic Energy (Dr. Oscar Brunler)

Biodynamic Ether (Rudolf Steiner)

Biofield (Yu. V. Tszyan)

Bioplasma (Russians)

Biotronic (Czechs)

Brahma (Hindus)

Chi (Chinese)

Chronal field or Cosmic energy (A. I. Veinik)

Cosmo-electric energy (Georg Starr)

D-Field (A.A. Deev)

Dige (Apache)

Digin (Navaho)

Dynamis (Ancient Greeks)

Soul (Eckankar)

El (Hebrews)

Elan-vital (Henri Bergson)

Electrogravitation (T.T. Brown)

Elima (Nkundu)

Elloptic energy or Eloptic Radiation (T. Galen Hiernymous)

Entelechy (Dreisch)

*Ether (Aristotle)

Ethertricity or Fermi energy (Gaston Burridge)

Fluroplasmic (Bill Hilton)

G-field (Sir Oliver Lodge)

Gravity Field energy (H.A. Nieper)

Hike (Egyptians)

*Ka (Egyptians)

Kerei (Indonesia)

Kirlian effect (Kirlian)

Latent neutral (Keely)

*Life Force (Dr. Aubrey T. Westlake)

Logoital plasma (T. Galen Hieronymous)

Magnetic Fluid (Mesmer)

Manitou (Algonquin)

Manna (Polynesia)

Manna (Isrealites)

Maxpe (Crow)

Mitogenic emanation (A.G. Gurvich)

Mon-emanation (I.M. Shakhparnov)

Multipolar energy (V.V. Lensky)

Mumia (Paracelsus)

Mungo (African)

N-emanation (M.R. Blondolt)

Negative entropic energy (James DeMayo)

Nervous Ether  (Richardson)

Neutral force (Kabbala)

Neutricity (Gallimore)

Neutrino sea (P.A.A. Dirac)

Numen (Romans)

Odic Force (Baron Von Reichenback)

Orenda (Iroquoi)

*Orgone energy (Dr. Wilhelm Reich)

Pneuma (Gallien)

*Prana (Hindus)

Psychotronic energy (Czechs)

Pure non manifest energy (Todd R. Knudtso)

Reiki (Japanese)

Scalar energy, Space energy, Spiritus (Fludd, William Tiller, Thomas Bearden)

Tachyon energy, Telesma (Hermes Trismegitus)

Temporal Spontaneous Transmissions (R.W. Ebbeler; for purpose of doing objective research)

Time emanation (N.A. Kozyrev)

Tinh (Vietnam)

Tondi (Sumatra)

Universal life force (Baron Eugene Ferson)

Virtue (Jesus the Christ)

Vis medicatrix (Hippocretes)

Vis naturalis, Vital fluid (Alchemists)

Vril (Vril)

Wakan (Sioux)

Wakonda (Omaha)

X-Agent (H.  Moriyama)

X-Force (L.E. Eeman)

Z-emanation (Chizhevsky)

Zero point energy (currently used by conventional scientists)
A  thought-form like "I have enough money" would be the target to increase wealth from

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FREE demonstration on how simple it can be to use the Mind Sync binaural sound system.
To begin with you can download the free sample from

This comes from the Neo-Library of Alexandria patterned after the Alexandria Library that was destroyed by Roman armies under Caesar's command.You can either click on the link directly and it will open in your media player or you can right click on the link and select "save target as" from your option list ( or the equivalent on a Mac ).

This will save the sample to your computer. This sample is a few minutes in length and will give you a good idea of our approach.You may think the sample sounds a bit strange or even a bit unpleasant.

The truth is; the sound has to be like that for this process to work.The pure sine wave with the white sound background is pretty much the only system that works to accurately control the electrical activity in the brain. This is essential for creating the different consciousness effects we are striving for. Relaxing music and guided hypnosis just does not work consistently enough.

This process really is worth persevering with. We get a lot of students that have success immediately. For others it can take a while to get used to the process.

PLEASE NOTE that this sample is not long enough to induce an altered state of consciousness. It contains the induction frequencies only. These will be around 16 - 18 Hz - way too high to get into a changed state.

OK - I am going to give you a quick description of what to expect when you listen to the frequencies.

Phase 1 (induction - still in natural beta state) - You will hear and be conscious of the sound in your headphones. There will be a rushing sound ( similar to waves moving from one side of your head to the other) and the low drone of the binuaral carrier sound. You may feel restless, apprehensive, nervous or even irritable at this point.Your brain is reluctant to give up control and will try to distract you. Don't worry this will pass.

Phase 2 ( the alpha phase) - The sound continues but you are less aware of it. You will feel very physically relaxed and may have exeprienced a deeply relaxing muscular effect; this happens at around 12 Hz. It is a bit like getting into a hot bath after a long days physical activity. The internal chatter will stop and you will feel true peace of mind ( This is superb for dealing with stress and anxiety; we use this very specifically on our stress manager and instant meditation products)

The alpha frequency induction products will stop at this point; this will include alpha meditation, instant meditation, stress manager; improve memory, increase iq, mood elevator & hypnotic induction. Each product focuses on a different dominant frequency. This is very important as random alpha induction ( from gentle music or hypnosis) is not accurate enough to get the absolute correct state.

Going into the alpha state is very easily achievable. We would expect you to achieve an altered state of consciousness ( into the alpha state) on your very first try with the Mind Sync Brainwave Harmonic system.
You may just want to get into a relaxed state and experience all the benefits that the alpha state can bring:

stress reduction, curing insomnia, dealing with ADD, improving memory, increasing iq and learning ability, increasing concentration, working with affirmations and imagery.

The alpha meditation at
will do this quickly and effectively. 
If you want to work more specifically in one area of personal development we have a series of products that will concentrate on each one. As mentioned in an earlier newsletter each area is best stimulated by a particular dominant frequency or combination of dominant frequencies. Some examples follow;

The stress manager is the lightest alpha state induction and is superb at taking the edge off stress. In some instances you may not want to be completely de-stressed. Some stress is important for us to function effectively in our day to day lives. We have many students who use this product; before an exam, a big presentation, before or after a difficult class, before that important meeting.

The instant meditation takes things a bit further. This product will completely chill you out. This is perfect for use when you get home from work or school. It allows you to draw a line under the day. You will reach a point where all the internal dialogue stops and you have complete peace of mind. I can assure you that that is a truly wonderful experience If you dont know it. Make sure you dont need to do much for an hour or so after you use this - it is that powerful !!

The improve memory product helps to declutter the mind so that we file and retrieve ( remember) things more effectively. As we get older we get less efficient at doing this. The main reason is that we have too much going on in the mind. It will help most with short term memory but has shown it will improve long term memory too.

Increase IQ helps to sharpen the logical processors in the mind. IQ is actually a measure of how well you do IQ tests. These tend to concentrate on logic and spatial awareness. This one is very, very straightforward. You listen and your IQ rises.

Mood Elevator helps to regulate the correct serotonin levels in the brain. A number of studies have shown that alpha mediation helps with depression - this is why !!
Stimulating the brain at a certain frequency will raise serotonin levels ( but not above where it needs to be - so dont worry about overproduction). A great benefit if your feeling down.
A special mention for speed learning here. It works on 2 levels. The first and most obvious is the way it helps with memory, concentration and logical processing ( see IQ and memory above). If you listen whilst you study you will study for longer, remember more and be able to retrieve more effectively come exam time.

The second uses the Lozanov ( or Mozart ) effect. The sound is pulsed at around 50 cycles / second. Experiments in the 1970's showed that if you paced learning material to the same pulsed beat; your ability to learn and retain material is increased by a factor of 10 !!! They called this the Superlearning effect. I can personally vouch for it working but it does take a lot of preparation. You need to record all of your learning phrases and play them at the same time. It seems to work best with languages and formulae. ( I used mnemonic hooks in all the phrases to increase the association)

Phase 3 (theta state) - You are no longer aware of the sound. Images come into your mind. To begin with they are very like dream images and will not be controlled and will disappear quickly. You may find that you fall asleep in your early attempts. Once you gain experience and confidence you will be able to spend longer and be more comfortable in this phase.

The theta frequency induction products will stop at this point; this will include theta meditation, astral projection, sleep improver; remote viewing, past life regression, manifestation, magickal focus, lucid dreaming, psychic, clairvoyance, telepathy, chi generator, precognition, om meditation. Each product focuses on a different dominant frequency or combinations of dominant frequencies. This is even more important than in the alpha range. Once entering the theta state; music and hypnosis will no longer work. At best this approach will help you to fall asleep more quickly but you are unlikely to achieve consistent controlled theta states.

Using Mind sync controlled sweep binaurals is the only consistently successful method to achieve this level of accurate control

Astral projection, Remote Viewing and Past Life Regression all take place in the Theta Phase of our altered consciousness.

Once you have achieved stability and confidence in the sleep borderline environment you will be able to move your awareness around within this visible environment. You will have dissociated from your physical body and are now in what many people call the astral body or the astral vehicle. In some instances you can still see your physical body. This is not as common as popular literature suggests. It is very rare to see a silver cord connecting the astral and the physical bodies.

With experience you will be learn to differentiate the different types of images.
i) The astral and past life images will often have an ethereal quality. The colours will be vibrant and senses will be extremely heightened. There will often be clues that the content is past life related ( We have many students who will correlate their exeperiences with real events or locations on the internet)

ii) Remote viewing images will seem more part of this world ( and of course they are). Many students have likened this to watching a live remote camera where you have control over angle, zoom and position. You are not visible in these situations.
iii) With astral projection you mostly have control over what you do and where you go ( many have suggested that this is a similar experience to wake induce lucid dreaming - I am personally inclined to agree but would suggest that Dream Induce Lucid Dreaming is a different state and experience - more of that in a later newsletter)

Sometimes you can feel that you are being led and this can be exciting. However you do always maintain control.

Also a quick word about the differences between the astral , super astral and oobe frequencies.
As mentioned the astral frequencies work in the theta phase and help to stabilize the sleep borderline state. The oobe frequencies go into a deeper state of consciousness than this. The dominant frequencies are almost into the delta range. This has the tendency to slow down the image stream so that you have more control over your interaction. However as the oobe frequencies take you well beyond the normal sleep threshold it is more likely that you will fall asleep to begin with.

The super astral program is much longer than the standard astral or oobe frequency sets. It has a much longer induction period which helps students who have some resistance to brainwave entrainment. It also has a much longer stabilization period. It is ideal for students who have more time to spend on their astral journeys ( you will need to listen for whole 70 minutes).
The psychic development products also work in the lower theta range and include; Psychic Amplifier, Clairvoyance,Precognition and Telepathy.

The demonstration and reproduction of psychic abilities has always been inconsistent and difficult to prove conclusively. Where psychic activity has been produced under laboratory conditions it has invariably been associated with bursts of theta activity. If you stimulate this theta activity directly it is possible to generate psychic activity at will.
The clairvoyance and precognition programs have been developed to be used over time. They will increase your psychic faculties the more they are used.

The clairvoyance is used to develop you clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient ability. Within a few weeks you will have a much higher sense of what is around you. You will also tend to know instinctively what you need to do ( many people use a pendulum for this - you dont necessarily need it once this faculty is developed)

The precognition program is used to develop your ability to see the future ( this will happen almost entirely in your dreams). The majority of the precognitive dreams you have will be of mundane events ( this has been completely correlataed to the deja vu feelings most of us experience - whenever you get deja vu it means that you dreamt that exact series of events some time previously) but it is possible ( but rare) to have precognition of future catastrophic events or lottery wins. We have had a number of students who have reported horse racing predictions or lottery wins.

I would strongly recommend you start to keep a dream diary.

The Psychic Amplifier is exactly that. It works in real time to help you hear/channel spirit/angelic/higher self voices more clearly. The first half of the program uses the binaural sound frequencies to create the exact brainwave state for hearing spirit/angelic/higher self voices more clearly. The second half of the program is pure white sound ( like a hiss or detuned radio). This has been shown to be the best medium to amplify spirit/angel/highe self voices to their maximum. This process is commonly used by psychic investigators. There is no danger associated with this approach.

The telepathy product is best used with 2 people. ( You dont need to buy 2 copies - no harm in sharing it with one other person). If the same dominant theta frequency is created in both brains it acts like a carrier frequency. You will then find it very easy to transmit information from one to the other. Images are best as the brain likes to work with pictures.

We have had some students who have reported enhanced mind reading ability after a few months working with the telepathy product. The telepathy product was not designed for this but it is certainly possible to develop this faculty.

Phase 4 (delta state) - The images that you experienced in the theta state become slower and more controllable ( this is good for OOBE). Eventually they will cease all together. At this point you will often feel a connectedness with the universe or your chosen godhead. It is very difficult to describe accurately as there are very few frames of reference in modern language. The closest is probably the ecstasy, nirvanic or samadhi state. You will almost certainly find that you fall asleep in your early attempts ( some of the healing frequencies like HGH will still be working even if you do fall asleep).

The delta frequency induction products include delta meditation, out of body (oobe), HGH, epsilon & shaman. Again,each product focuses on a different dominant frequency or combinations of dominant frequencies. This is even more important than in the alpha and theta range. Once entering the delta state only controlled sweep binaurals will control the dominant frequencies accurately. Musical accompaniment or spoken words will distract the brain, making it virtually impossible to stay in the delta state.

The chakra frequencies work in a slightly different way.The chakra frequencies will very quickly set up a dominant harmonic in the brains electrical activity spectrum ( it does it more quickly than many of our other products as no induction period is needed - this has another big advantage which i will explain later).

The chakra will then start to resonate in harmony with the dominant frequency in the brain. This stimulation will clear any blockages in that particular chakra allowing energy to flow more easily through the energy pathways.

After 10 minutes the frequencies change and we set up a new dominant electricial frequency in the brain. This stimulates the next chakra in the same way as the first.

We repeat this process for all 7 chakra; working, in sequence, from root to crown.

Now getting back to that big advantage !!!

You can use the chakra frequency set whilst you are doing other things ( reading, studying, working out, watching tv,etc,etc) because the chakras are indirectly stimulated by frequencies in the beta ( normal alert and awake state) range; so there is no need for quietness or meditative states to get the best out of this.

We get a lot of students who have immediate and massive beneficial effects from the chakra frequencies. If you have any dis-ease that is caused by energy imbalance or blockage ; the chakra frequencies will get rid of it very quickly. We have a lot of testimonials for spontaneous healing after only one or 2 uses of the chakra frequency system. You are welcome to take a look at a selection of them at Chakra Frequencies

We have other potent healing products too:
endorphin release is another product that can be used in any environment and without the need to meditate. It can help with mild pain relief and managing cravings
HGH stim works in the delta range but is equally effective whether you are awake or asleep. This product uses a very specific combination of frequencies that stimulate the pituitary gland. We have some very encouraging testimonials about its effect on ageing and age related disease. You can read a selection of the testimonials at HGH
The energizer is a simple pick me up program. Again, it can be used anywhere , anytime. It temporarily raises the electrical activity in the brain and is similar to the effect of caffeine.

A special word about Manifestation,cosmic ordering and the laws of attraction and abundance:
Many of you will have read or heard of the Cosmic Ordering books by Barbel Mohr. For those of you who havent - cosmic ordering is about asking the Universe for whatever you want or need - and it arrives
(like magic).

I can tell you that it works - if it is done correctly !!

It is very, very important to make your requests ( or orders) in the right frame of mind (literally).
From our experience this is a process that works best in the theta range but with some higher activity also stimulated ( it will work just using orders in theta but a lot more slowly). It does also rely on you being very clear about what it is that you want ( we have found the clearer the better - no ambiguity) and believing absolutely that it will improve your life ( again any doubts and it will not happen).

Our manifestation frequency sets are designed to do exactly that. Take a look
at the website and linked pages for more explanation of the process and the different types of manifestation that are possible.

Remember if you create the correct dominant brain frequency, you are clear in what you want and believe that you will get it - YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT.

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Raymond W. Ebbeler
Master Mind Reprogrammer

Monday, September 17, 2012

Seven Sets of Sub-Harmonic Frequencies

As an esoteric scientist I am interested in getting individuals started in raising their consciousness by altering their electromagnetic signature. On this blog there are seven sets of sub-harmonics that individuals can receive as MP3 audio files.

The web portal is a business opportunity to promote these audio files to use as MP3 downloads. When individuals learn about this opportunity from your web site, you are instantly an online entrepreneur and promote these audio file to accelerate the law of attraction.

Seven Sets of Sub-Harmonics

Endorphin Release


Martial Law: What It Could Mean

As you know I have been writing blogs to discuss about spiritual ascension and other pertinent matter regarding our time line. However, information that I  receive on a weekly basis from an identified source Jelaila Starr, a representative of the Galactic Federation as the Nibiruan Council who provides links and other data that affects our time line that the following is considered of great significant importance concerning martial law and other negative scenarios that are life altering. Watch the three video to determine patterns regarding money and gold purchases and see if this could ultimately be the decline of our economic system.

Weber/Drake call:
Webre_Basiago call

Bank Holidays

Possible bank holidays are in the news.  This is where a bank will close for a period of time without warning.  You won't be able to deposit or withdraw money or use your credit cards.  Many whistleblowers are telling people to prepare by having enough cash, food and other supplies on had for up to 6 months.

No More Oil for Dollars

China, Russia and Iran have formed a new alliance and openly declared that they will begin trading oil for rubles and yen instead of dollars.  We are seeing this beginning to make an impact here in the US in a rapid rise in gas prices.  It jumped from $3.59 to $3.87 a gallon here in Kansas City, MO in less than a week.

War with Iran

The US is still itching for war with Iran, the main reason being (there are usually more than one but I'll focus only on a couple), due to their new trade agreement, they will seriously destabilize the US dollar.  The biggest threat to the Powers that Be (PTB) is that other Middle Eastern countries will jump on board with Iran.  Should that occur, the dollar would plummet taking the US economy into the greatest depression it has ever known. 

US Military and NATO forces deployed against US citizens.

There are numerous whistleblowers telling us that we are about to experience Marshall Law.  They are hearing from people within police departments around country who are being told to prepare to protect the wealthier neighborhoods and to be ready to fire on citizens. 

Chinese and Russian forces camped across the border in Canada and Mexico ready to enter the US. 

It's been known for some time that there are foreign troops camped along our borders.  But their purpose has been the subject of many debates.  Are they for or against the American people?  It's my understanding that contrary to what the PTB is saying, these troops, if deployed, will be used to protect US citizens from NATO troops and many of our own police forces.  They will work in conjunction with the vast contingent of US Military that intend to remove the PTB here in the US from power.  They will only fire upon NATO forces and any US police that fire upon American citizens. 

October Surprise

It appears that all of this is coming to a head in the next 2 weeks.  What we will see are the two sides, the PTB and the White Dragons, carry out the final stages of their plans.  These two groups and their activities represent the 2 timelines I've been talking about.  By the way, for those who may not know, the White Dragons are the good guys in all this.  They are a very large group of highly positioned people from around the world who, in cooperation with a large number of US military who wish take the PTB down, are acting to create a new and positive reality.  Let's look at the PTB's plan first. 
The Federal Reserve will declare a bank holiday in order to regroup after the US dollar has been literally destroyed on the global market.  This will be blamed on Iran.  Knowing the panic that will ensue from having no access to funds, uninformed Americans will agree to a war with Iran in order to get the banks open again.  Of course, mass chaos will ensue when people realize that their credit cards won't work and they can't buy food.  To control rioting, our president will institute Marshall Law.  Marshall Law will accomplish the next step of their plan--depopulation. 
Temporary FEMA camps will be set up to provide food and water.  The media will be used to promote the camps as a safe haven for those who find themselves without provisions.  It may take time but eventually it is intended that large numbers of the population enter these camps. From there they will be sent to the permanent FEMA (aka detainment camps).  Many in these camps will simply disappear.
With Marshall Law instituted, police and military, along with the large number of NATO forces that have been camped at US military bases, will confiscate all guns.  Anyone who resists will be rounded up and sent to detainment camps.

In the meantime, in order to reestablish the US dollar as the world reserve currency and force Middle Eastern countries to use it, the US through its ally, Israel, attacks Iran.  Iran, backed by Russia and China, respond using scalar weapons.  World War III has begun.    
Remember, this is the PTB doesn't have to be reality.
The White Dragon plan

It is my understanding that the White Dragons plan to introduce a new world currency that will indeed destabilize and devalue the US dollar.  But the US will already have a new currency ready to go: US Treasury notes.  There is significant evidence that the White Dragons, through their members here in the US have already taken control of the US Treasury so this will be a relatively smooth transition.  This new currency will be backed by gold. 

Iraq's revalue of their currency will occur.  Because most countries hold dinar, these countries will find their debts paid off and their budgets balanced.  The new regime in the US will ensure that America sees the same benefits; our debts will be paid off including mortgages that will be forgiven and credit cards.  It will be a zeroing out financially for the US.  The Federal Reserve will be a thing of the past. 
The bank holiday will still occur but it will be brief.  If Marshall Law is enacted, enough people will know who the good guys are to prevent mass panic.  The media will break free and report this. Militia's are alreay being put on Orange alert (i.e., get ready).  When the banks close, they will work with the US military, Chin and those within local and federal law enforcement who are for the people, to protect the people and keep order.  Should only be a week or two, maybe less. 
Those of you who know what's going on will work with your neighbors and communities to help keep people calm.  Sharing of food and other resources will help people remain calm and peaceful until the banks reopen. This will help them avoid being sent to detainment camps.  Yes, those will be open but one can avoid them by not playing into the hands of those who will still be ready to abuse power.  The point I want to reinforce here is that both sides will be rolling out their plans.  You can decide which one you want to be a part of. 
Though Iran may still be attacked, it will not result in a war because the PTB will not be able to get the American people to support it.  Additionally, they won't be able to fund it because they won't have any money and many of their group will have been removed from power. 
FEMA camps will be set up but they will be temporary; only for the distribution of food and supplies till the banks reopen.  The detainment camps will be used to permanently house the PTB. 
The new technologies will be released to the world.  Within a few short years oil prices will drop significantly, heavily devaluing Middle Eastern currencies. Without the need for oil, these countries will be left in peace.  With all their oil based wealth they will be able to fund all sorts of new technoligies and continue to thrive.
Have we made an impact with our Change the Timeline call?

Though still a spark, I see that we have made an impact but the degree to which it has made a difference won't be known for a month or so.  We must simply watch to see what transpires in the events previously explained.    Once you see mainstream media beginning to risk their careers to tell the truth, once we see that the attack on Iran does not result in a war, we will know we made a difference.  With that said, we cannot just sit back and wait--there is much we still need to do. We have planted a seed and now we must ensure that it grows. 
Right now we need to focus on informing people about how to handle the bank holiday and which troops are for us and which are not.  Keep passing on the link to the recording along with the links to the Drake and Webre interviews that provide the context.  Post and repost them on Facebook and other social sites.  Send them along to every other teacher so that they can participate if they so choose.  It's our planet, our world.  It is in our power to determine our future.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Compassion Formula and 12/21/2012


I just received a transmission from Jelalia Starr (Galactic Council representative and channel) regarding  the current thought-stream that I would like to share with my reading audience. First thank you for viewing my blogs to which I have a vested interest as an esoteric scientist / pyramidologist.

The Formula of Compassion (the Formula) is a multidimensional tool that has many functions.  First and foremost is used for deep emotional clearing, permanently dissolves layers from you emotional blocks.  The Formula unlocks and reactivates the  “Inner Technology” within your body in order to do this.  And best of all, each time you successfully complete the Formula and feel the “Inner Technology” work, your DNA will recode a bit more, changing from from carbon to crystalline. (Read the DNA Recoding Overview for more on this.)

The Formula allows you to move through enough of the lessons on your Life Blueprint to achieve the frequency necessary for full consciousness. In other words, the Formula lightens your bodily frequency each time you use it to handle a conflict and integrate the fear involved in the lesson behind the conflict.
Lessons come to you packaged as conflicts. I have found that I could not complete the RRA process without the Formula because the Formula enabled me to remove the negative emotions of the conflicts from my physical/emotional bodies by moving them up through my heart into my high heart, transmuting them there into compassion.

Another benefit of the Formula is the activation of the dormant psychic glands. Each time you use the Formula you exercise these dormant glands. By the time you finish DNA activation these glands are ready for full-time use.

Tips to remember when using the Formula of Compassion: 

1. Begin using the Formula only after you have expressed the anger or other negative feelings you have.  It will not work if you miss these steps.  Read the 7 Stage of Emotional Clearing TM for more on this.

2. Feel the feelings of your situation, express them verbally and physically first, then begin the Formula on the issue.  Feeling them and physically expressing them brings the emotions up through the Heart Chakra and into the High Heart Chakra where they will be transmuted and released. These dense, lower frequency emotions are the fuel that once transmuted into the higher frequency of compassion through the High Heart (acts like an incinerator), floods through your body like an orgasmic release and changes your DNA at the same time.

You will continue this cycle of bringing up old issues as well as dealing with new lessons using the Keys of Compassion until you have cleared enough to complete the rewiring of your 12 DNA strands.  Afterwards, you will continue to clear emotionally in order to complete ascension, but now you will have the support of new neural pathways and their associated healthy behavior patterns.  Ascension is presently scheduled to be completed around 2012.  Now let’s move on to the 9 steps of the Formula of Compassion.

The Nine Steps of the Formula are as follows:

Step One: Lesson

What is the lesson I wanted to learn regarding this person and the conflict we are experiencing?
    Ask your Higher Self/Soul, angels or spirit guides to help you.  Ask them to show you the lesson you wanted to learn.  It will be on your life blueprint.  Your life blueprint is your roadmap through your present lifetime.  It contains all the lessons, contracts and major events for your present lifetime, along with the people involved.
Step Two: Contract
What is the contract I made with this person?
    Ask to be shown the contract(s) you made to learn this lesson.  If using the Formula to release one individual, ask for the contract that pertains to you and that person.  There are usually many contracts with many people to learn the same lesson.  The ratio of contracts to lessons varies depending on how long and how many lifetimes you have been trying to learn that particular lesson.  The more lifetimes, the more present lifetime contracts for that lesson.
Remember that no one agrees to make a contract with you unless they too, need to learn the same lesson.  In some cases the other person in your contract is there to learn the flip side of the lesson.

Step Three: Role                                                                                              What is the role this person is playing to act out his/her part of the contract?
    Ask to see and understand the role you play and the role the other person is playing in the contract.  Ask for assistance in understanding how the roles look as they are being played out.  I visualize a stage and myself as a actress and the other person as an actress/actor.  It helps me to see the roles more clearly because I am able to view their behavior as a performance.
Step Four: Aspect
What is the aspect of myself this person is reflecting back to me?
    Once again ask for assistance in seeing and understanding the aspect of yourself that the other person is reflecting back to you.  They are your mirror, reflecting an aspect of yourself through their behavior.  I have always found this step to be the hardest to handle.  It calls for brutal self-honesty, but it’s well worth the effort.

    Sometimes, instead of reflecting an aspect of your behavior, they are reflecting something you judge.  An example would be someone who steals from you.  You may not be a thief but you may be judging thievery or people who are thieves.
Step Five: Gift
What is the gift this person is giving me by playing their role?
    Ask for help so you can see and understand the gift the other person is giving you by playing their role.  The value I mentioned earlier is the value of the gift, and the gift is the lesson learned.
Process Check

Once you have completed the first five steps, you should be feeling a surge of compassion and gratitude for the other person involved in the conflict/contract.  If not, then go back to the lesson and start over. 
Sometimes it takes a few attempts before we finally get to the lesson we are working on.  I find I usually know I’ve got it when I feel a warm feeling in my heart.  It can be likened to a strong feeling of knowing like an Ah Ha! 

The final four steps are used to finish clearing and releasing the emotional negativity/garbage from the physical body, out the high heart chakra. 

When I think of the high heart chakra, I envision an invisible cone shaped device imbedded in my auric field.  It attaches to my physical body just above my heart and below my collarbone.  When I use the Formula it opens so the transmuted energy/compassion can move through it and out.

It is my understanding that the high heart chakra performs the same function as the colon/anus and bladder/urethra in the physical body.  Both perform functions of elimination for waste/toxic matter.  The only difference is that the physical system eliminates dense physical matter and the  high heart chakra eliminates etheric matter.

Step Six: Acceptance
Can I accept the role that this person has played, along with their actions, to help me learn this lesson?
    Acceptance is one of the four elements of unconditional love.  Acceptance is part of compassion and is unconditional love in action.  This also includes acceptance of who the person is, without judgment.  I find that when I am having a hard time with this step that I can clear it when I remember they are a soul in a body like me, and we are helping each other with a lesson.
Step Seven: Allowing
Can I allow myself to let go of my anger towards this person who played the role to help me learn the lesson?
    Allowing is also one of the four elements of unconditional love.  Allowing is part of compassion and is unconditional love in action.  This includes allowing the person to be who they are and to follow their chosen path, regardless of how you feel about it.
    Usually, by the time I reach this step, I find it very easy to let go of my anger towards the person because I am feeling the gratitude and compassion that comes from seeing the pain they suffered in playing their role for me.
    On another note: Allowing is easier to do when we let go of needing to control someone’s behavior or choices for their own good.  We tend to control people out of fear that their actions will hurt them/and or us.  If we understand that everything has a value, then we can begin to release our need to control because we understand that there will be a value in each and every outcome.
Step Eight: Release
Can I release this person from blame?
    This one is easy when you understand that you are not a victim.  On the contrary, you are an active participant in a contract and lesson that you helped set up. 
    Taking responsibility for your part in the contract enables you to release the other person from blame for the role they played to help you learn the lesson you wanted to learn.  You understand that just as you are not a victim, nor are they a villain.  Devin, my 9D guide, has told me many times that it is much harder to play the role of a villain than it is to play the role of a hero.
    Releasing someone from blame is different than forgiving them.  Forgiving someone is what we do when we feel they have sinned against us, as in being victimized.  Release is the key element in the Formula.  The release is created by your compassion for the other person. 
Step Nine: Kindness
Now that I have released this person, can I be kind to him/her, and if so, how can I do it and when will I do it?

    At this point you should be feeling the intensity of the release through the high heart.  I find the degree of the feeling differs according to the emotional intensity of the issue.  The more emotionally charged the issue, the more intense the release.
    I have found, as have others, this step to be the most emotional step.  I am filled with gratitude and compassion when I reach this step and my only thought is how to make amends and thank them.
Now that you are feeling the gratitude and compassion, having released the other person from blame and anger, and realize you can be kind to them now, you are just about finished with the Formula.  The final two parts to Step Nine are:
    a) How will you show your kindness, and
    b) When you will do it? 
These last two parts are very important and I encourage you to complete them as quickly as possible since the process will not be complete until you do.  A letter or phone call to the person to say thank you for the lesson will do.  I find that sharing the lesson I learned from them goes a long way in healing the pain we both felt. 

Caution!  Don’t take them through the Formula.  They won’t understand you and will usually become angry and defensive unless they know the Formula too.  Just thank them for helping you become a better person.

Changing the Energy

Once you have completed the Formula, then it is time to do something with the contract.  The contract is energy like everything else, so you can change its form into something else, sort of like working with Leggos. 
I usually envision the contract dissolving into a thousand pieces of light energy, and then I send that energy to someone who is ill to assist in their healing.  On other occasions I deposit it into an energy account I have created to manifest one of my desires like a new house or something.  You can also deposit it someone else's account to assist them in manifesting one of their desires.

Anyway, this is where I can have a little fun with the contract and be creative.  A positive ending to a painful lesson, don’t you think?
I hope this summary and the steps of the Formula of Compassion help you make the appropriate choices for you.  More information can be found in We are the Nibiruans, Book One, the Multidimensional Keys of Compassion Booklets, and the soon to be released, We are the Nibiruans, Book Two.  These booklets contain all the information given to date on the Formula of Compassion, the foundation tool or key, as well as the six additional tools that were given since the writing of the first book/manual.
The Inner Technology - This is the term we use to define the higher purpose of the endocrine system and the thymus in particular.  When you apply the 9 Steps of the Formula, you will feel the technology at work.  It’s greatest effect will be felt when you ready Step 5 and find the gift.  At that moment the thymus transforms the anger and painful feelings into the energies of compassion (gratitude mixed with appreciation and acceptance).  These new energies then flood your body in a tingling sensation. That extremely high frequency energy impacts the DNA and transforms it in much the same way that intense pressure transforms a piece of carbon into a diamond.
For examples of the “Inner Technology” read:
President Bush and the Formula of Compassion

If you have questions about using the Formula please feel free to e-mail me at

Jelaila Starr,
The Nibiruan Counci