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Martial Law: What It Could Mean

As you know I have been writing blogs to discuss about spiritual ascension and other pertinent matter regarding our time line. However, information that I  receive on a weekly basis from an identified source Jelaila Starr, a representative of the Galactic Federation as the Nibiruan Council who provides links and other data that affects our time line that the following is considered of great significant importance concerning martial law and other negative scenarios that are life altering. Watch the three video to determine patterns regarding money and gold purchases and see if this could ultimately be the decline of our economic system.

Weber/Drake call:
Webre_Basiago call

Bank Holidays

Possible bank holidays are in the news.  This is where a bank will close for a period of time without warning.  You won't be able to deposit or withdraw money or use your credit cards.  Many whistleblowers are telling people to prepare by having enough cash, food and other supplies on had for up to 6 months.

No More Oil for Dollars

China, Russia and Iran have formed a new alliance and openly declared that they will begin trading oil for rubles and yen instead of dollars.  We are seeing this beginning to make an impact here in the US in a rapid rise in gas prices.  It jumped from $3.59 to $3.87 a gallon here in Kansas City, MO in less than a week.

War with Iran

The US is still itching for war with Iran, the main reason being (there are usually more than one but I'll focus only on a couple), due to their new trade agreement, they will seriously destabilize the US dollar.  The biggest threat to the Powers that Be (PTB) is that other Middle Eastern countries will jump on board with Iran.  Should that occur, the dollar would plummet taking the US economy into the greatest depression it has ever known. 

US Military and NATO forces deployed against US citizens.

There are numerous whistleblowers telling us that we are about to experience Marshall Law.  They are hearing from people within police departments around country who are being told to prepare to protect the wealthier neighborhoods and to be ready to fire on citizens. 

Chinese and Russian forces camped across the border in Canada and Mexico ready to enter the US. 

It's been known for some time that there are foreign troops camped along our borders.  But their purpose has been the subject of many debates.  Are they for or against the American people?  It's my understanding that contrary to what the PTB is saying, these troops, if deployed, will be used to protect US citizens from NATO troops and many of our own police forces.  They will work in conjunction with the vast contingent of US Military that intend to remove the PTB here in the US from power.  They will only fire upon NATO forces and any US police that fire upon American citizens. 

October Surprise

It appears that all of this is coming to a head in the next 2 weeks.  What we will see are the two sides, the PTB and the White Dragons, carry out the final stages of their plans.  These two groups and their activities represent the 2 timelines I've been talking about.  By the way, for those who may not know, the White Dragons are the good guys in all this.  They are a very large group of highly positioned people from around the world who, in cooperation with a large number of US military who wish take the PTB down, are acting to create a new and positive reality.  Let's look at the PTB's plan first. 
The Federal Reserve will declare a bank holiday in order to regroup after the US dollar has been literally destroyed on the global market.  This will be blamed on Iran.  Knowing the panic that will ensue from having no access to funds, uninformed Americans will agree to a war with Iran in order to get the banks open again.  Of course, mass chaos will ensue when people realize that their credit cards won't work and they can't buy food.  To control rioting, our president will institute Marshall Law.  Marshall Law will accomplish the next step of their plan--depopulation. 
Temporary FEMA camps will be set up to provide food and water.  The media will be used to promote the camps as a safe haven for those who find themselves without provisions.  It may take time but eventually it is intended that large numbers of the population enter these camps. From there they will be sent to the permanent FEMA (aka detainment camps).  Many in these camps will simply disappear.
With Marshall Law instituted, police and military, along with the large number of NATO forces that have been camped at US military bases, will confiscate all guns.  Anyone who resists will be rounded up and sent to detainment camps.

In the meantime, in order to reestablish the US dollar as the world reserve currency and force Middle Eastern countries to use it, the US through its ally, Israel, attacks Iran.  Iran, backed by Russia and China, respond using scalar weapons.  World War III has begun.    
Remember, this is the PTB doesn't have to be reality.
The White Dragon plan

It is my understanding that the White Dragons plan to introduce a new world currency that will indeed destabilize and devalue the US dollar.  But the US will already have a new currency ready to go: US Treasury notes.  There is significant evidence that the White Dragons, through their members here in the US have already taken control of the US Treasury so this will be a relatively smooth transition.  This new currency will be backed by gold. 

Iraq's revalue of their currency will occur.  Because most countries hold dinar, these countries will find their debts paid off and their budgets balanced.  The new regime in the US will ensure that America sees the same benefits; our debts will be paid off including mortgages that will be forgiven and credit cards.  It will be a zeroing out financially for the US.  The Federal Reserve will be a thing of the past. 
The bank holiday will still occur but it will be brief.  If Marshall Law is enacted, enough people will know who the good guys are to prevent mass panic.  The media will break free and report this. Militia's are alreay being put on Orange alert (i.e., get ready).  When the banks close, they will work with the US military, Chin and those within local and federal law enforcement who are for the people, to protect the people and keep order.  Should only be a week or two, maybe less. 
Those of you who know what's going on will work with your neighbors and communities to help keep people calm.  Sharing of food and other resources will help people remain calm and peaceful until the banks reopen. This will help them avoid being sent to detainment camps.  Yes, those will be open but one can avoid them by not playing into the hands of those who will still be ready to abuse power.  The point I want to reinforce here is that both sides will be rolling out their plans.  You can decide which one you want to be a part of. 
Though Iran may still be attacked, it will not result in a war because the PTB will not be able to get the American people to support it.  Additionally, they won't be able to fund it because they won't have any money and many of their group will have been removed from power. 
FEMA camps will be set up but they will be temporary; only for the distribution of food and supplies till the banks reopen.  The detainment camps will be used to permanently house the PTB. 
The new technologies will be released to the world.  Within a few short years oil prices will drop significantly, heavily devaluing Middle Eastern currencies. Without the need for oil, these countries will be left in peace.  With all their oil based wealth they will be able to fund all sorts of new technoligies and continue to thrive.
Have we made an impact with our Change the Timeline call?

Though still a spark, I see that we have made an impact but the degree to which it has made a difference won't be known for a month or so.  We must simply watch to see what transpires in the events previously explained.    Once you see mainstream media beginning to risk their careers to tell the truth, once we see that the attack on Iran does not result in a war, we will know we made a difference.  With that said, we cannot just sit back and wait--there is much we still need to do. We have planted a seed and now we must ensure that it grows. 
Right now we need to focus on informing people about how to handle the bank holiday and which troops are for us and which are not.  Keep passing on the link to the recording along with the links to the Drake and Webre interviews that provide the context.  Post and repost them on Facebook and other social sites.  Send them along to every other teacher so that they can participate if they so choose.  It's our planet, our world.  It is in our power to determine our future.

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