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Acceleration As A Perception/Conception Differential

A profound restructuring of consciousness and a considerable leap is required to conceive and receive the law of attraction.

Perception and conception are two distinct faculties that you possess. Where perception is concerned with events; conception is primarily concerned with inter-relations between those events. However, the universe and cosmos are the complex aggregate of the whole inter-relations of events in existence. Therefore, to comprehend that complex aggregate of inter-relations known as the universe and cosmos; you must transcend  subjective reality of perceptual experience and construct a conceptual map in concordance with logic that reflects the underlying design principles of the universe and cosmos. By moving from the perceptual-centered to a conceptual-centered consciousness, you enter the realm of objective reality and it is the objective reality that harnesses the law of attraction -- power claimed by only a conscious being -- where you can integrate conceptual-consciousness to manifest your desires and dreams into reality.
 The PyramiTroniX Resonator (PTR) is such a conceptual map, which is an acronym for"Mind Acceleration Programs"that you can construct for yourself. This is accomplished by the following: 
Since human beings are self-causative; consciousness must generate a continuous integration of energy to sustain its existence and must continuously exert effort to fulfill its function as the conceptual integrator of reality.
Reason Versus Rationalization
Knowledge is power; integrated knowledge is accelerated power -- not potential, but kinetic...that you can control as the law of attraction at work...the ultimate fulfillment in existence.

Reason is the faculty of the mind that conceptually identifies and integrates the materials provided by the senses: perception and previous perceptions.

Reason is functioning in the conceptual-centered modality where perceptual-centered modality is rationalization

Reason is an intellectual process for achieving an integrated conceptual picture of reality that begins with perception, and through logic, becomes manifest as reality.  Whereas,rationalization  is an intellect process for fabricating an "illusory"reality in concept by disconnecting conception from perception.

Thus reason is based on the primacy of existence, whereas rationalization is based on the primacy of consciousness. The primacy of existence is the principle of reality. No valid knowledge is ever possible without observing the primacy of existence, for existence is taking action with reason and on purpose...
What Is Your Reason For Existence and Purpose?
Those who are intellectually starved and desire new concepts for accelerating the law of attraction will need the PyramiTroniX Resonator to enhance their livelihood by starting a new reality and by changing their stagnant lifestyle.

For reasons that only you know the PyramiTroniX Resonator is a "device"  that will enhance your life by integrating the shape of the Great Pyramid at El Giza, Egypt and a "pyramid cavity" an incubator for manifesting reality from "thought-forms" or positive affirmations along with a radionics circuit which produces a scalar energy as an objective scientific process to accelerate the law of attraction.

Necessary for this to occur is the construction of the PyramiTroniX Resonator in the form of a "kit" that you put together using both ancient and modern science and technology as a means to alter your brain wave activity as alpha and theta brain entrainment (necessary for a creative consciousness) which uses logic and reason to accelerate the law of attraction.
In principle the law of attraction is an electromagnetic field (see Fig. 1) to which integration of new knowledge is required for change: the pursuit of higher values for living to benefit all humankind. These values, once transcended and crystallized as physical reality is the reason and purpose for growth and development as a human being: mental, physical, and spiritual.
Fig. 1
 Fig. 2a. Stage I Development of the Three-Dial Heironymus Radionics Schematic
Fig. 2b A Symbolic Heironymus Radionic Circuit
Fig. 3. Stage II Development of the 'electric circuit' For Biological Immortality
A radionics or psionics circuit is and continues to have stages of evolution as the brain (see Fig. 2) of thePyramiTroniX Resonator  and produces scalar energy emissions that couples with the photons of the aether in the universe and cosmos (the law of attraction).
 The capture of photons has been studied at Yale University and that the Law of Attraction can be scientifically determined.
To receive the first CD as part of the two-CD set you will need to send an email message to receive the CD which features the Yale study and other interesting research such as a military teleportation study conducted by the U.S. Air Force.
Because the Great Pyramid is a tetrahedral shape and provides the context for creating a structured matrix; the prototype model is used to explain the pyramidal housing assembly as the shape of the Great Pyramid at El Giza, Egypt (scaled down) having the dimensions of 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 51 seconds and serves as a "cavity."
Of great significance is the pyramid's "cavity" which serves as an amplifier to accelerate the law of attraction based on a context-created structured matrix also called a thought-form that you create. Bypass CD I to receive the kit.
Fig. 4a. The PyramiTroniX Resonator Kit Reverse-Engineered
Fig. 4b. A Contextual-Creative Structured Matrix Is A Thought-Form

Fig 5. 555 Integrated Circuit
Stage III Development As An Activated PyramiTroniX Resonator In Real-Time
Thus, the PyramiTroniX Resonator which is an amplification process for augmenting the neuronal  discharges of  the human brain and body -- is an empowered burst of electricity down all the corresponding pyramidal cell membrane surfaces, whereby repeating the process through the use of pulsed electromagnetic signatures (alpha and theta) propagates a signal down the length of the cell structure. The interaction effect may contribute to a self-healing based on the enhanced application and as evidenced by  "chemical neurotransmitter molecule interaction" to signal other neurons. The results have been validated through scientific research (DVD II: Yale University, p. 42).
Fig. 6. Amplified Wave Propagation
Therefore, when there are sufficient numbers of neurotransmitters to activate other neurons, various brain circuits become overactive as amplified wave propagations. Of interest is brain entrainment where you can alter the brain wave activity to change reality.
Fig. 7. Synchronized Energy (Synergy) As Brain Wave Activity
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Alternate Names For the Aether / Law of Attraction
 The ten years of research that I had done in psychology as near-death and out-of-body experiences revealed an over-unity of energy that one would call meta-physical or para-psychological From the unpublished paper, which my professors regarded as “ambitious” I referred to the three dimensional mobius strip as n-space and the three-dimensional cylinder as space. A derivative from the research were the numerous names given to aether. I have included the significance of these names for individuals to do their own research if so inclined.

Akasa (Hindu)

Animal Magnetism (Mesmer)

Arealoah (Francis Nixon)

Astral Light (Kabbalists)

Baraka (Sufis)

Bio-Cosmic Energy (Dr. Oscar Brunler)

Biodynamic Ether (Rudolf Steiner)

Biofield (Yu. V. Tszyan)

Bioplasma (Russians)

Biotronic (Czechs)

Brahma (Hindus)

Chi (Chinese)

Chronal field or Cosmic energy (A. I. Veinik)

Cosmo-electric energy (Georg Starr)

D-Field (A.A. Deev)

Dige (Apache)

Digin (Navaho)

Dynamis (Ancient Greeks)

Soul (Eckankar)

El (Hebrews)

Elan-vital (Henri Bergson)

Electrogravitation (T.T. Brown)

Elima (Nkundu)

Elloptic energy or Eloptic Radiation (T. Galen Hiernymous)

Entelechy (Dreisch)

*Ether (Aristotle)

Ethertricity or Fermi energy (Gaston Burridge)

Fluroplasmic (Bill Hilton)

G-field (Sir Oliver Lodge)

Gravity Field energy (H.A. Nieper)

Hike (Egyptians)

*Ka (Egyptians)

Kerei (Indonesia)

Kirlian effect (Kirlian)

Latent neutral (Keely)

*Life Force (Dr. Aubrey T. Westlake)

Logoital plasma (T. Galen Hieronymous)

Magnetic Fluid (Mesmer)

Manitou (Algonquin)

Manna (Polynesia)

Manna (Isrealites)

Maxpe (Crow)

Mitogenic emanation (A.G. Gurvich)

Mon-emanation (I.M. Shakhparnov)

Multipolar energy (V.V. Lensky)

Mumia (Paracelsus)

Mungo (African)

N-emanation (M.R. Blondolt)

Negative entropic energy (James DeMayo)

Nervous Ether  (Richardson)

Neutral force (Kabbala)

Neutricity (Gallimore)

Neutrino sea (P.A.A. Dirac)

Numen (Romans)

Odic Force (Baron Von Reichenback)

Orenda (Iroquoi)

*Orgone energy (Dr. Wilhelm Reich)

Pneuma (Gallien)

*Prana (Hindus)

Psychotronic energy (Czechs)

Pure non manifest energy (Todd R. Knudtso)

Reiki (Japanese)

Scalar energy, Space energy, Spiritus (Fludd, William Tiller, Thomas Bearden)

Tachyon energy, Telesma (Hermes Trismegitus)

Temporal Spontaneous Transmissions (R.W. Ebbeler; for purpose of doing objective research)

Time emanation (N.A. Kozyrev)

Tinh (Vietnam)

Tondi (Sumatra)

Universal life force (Baron Eugene Ferson)

Virtue (Jesus the Christ)

Vis medicatrix (Hippocretes)

Vis naturalis, Vital fluid (Alchemists)

Vril (Vril)

Wakan (Sioux)

Wakonda (Omaha)

X-Agent (H.  Moriyama)

X-Force (L.E. Eeman)

Z-emanation (Chizhevsky)

Zero point energy (currently used by conventional scientists)
A  thought-form like "I have enough money" would be the target to increase wealth from

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