Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Science Behind the Law of Attraction

My capacity for doing research on Quantum Holography and Gas Discharge Visualization introduced me to a seminal paper written by William A. Tiller, Ph.D. professor emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University. The research was used to allow for my presentation to have concurrent validity since he is also the author of Science and Human Transformation, a book on esoteric concepts such as subtle energies, beyond the four fundamental forces in physics proper, which he believes act in concert with human consciousness. Also recall that Dr. Tiller appeared in the 2004 film What the Bleep Do We Know!?. Therefore this blog features his research article that paved new ground for a paradigm shift in science and technology.. First and foremost, Tiller indicated in his research with intention-host devices that his data was duplicatable and statistically significant. Of growing interest is that from his research two areas of insight were identified and elaborated as (1) two-levels of physical reality: electro (atoms/molecules) and magnetic (waves as frequency). Accordingly, the waves  occur as a coupling effect in a physical vacuum which I belive is inherent in the shape of the "cavity" or space. In this case, the Pyramitronix Resonator's cavity where a thought-form can be imprinted adheres to the first insight of electro-and-magnetic physical realties. Whereas (2) the two distinct states of interaction as the "uncoupled state" with the "coupled state" as spatial (physical) and temporal (non-physical) process is the photon-biophoton interaction. The scientific formula is the co-efficent of time as a function. Therefore the PyramitroniX Resonator is an "imprinting-device" relative to accelerating time and distance as a law of attraction concept. Tiller relates that quatum mechanics (QM) would need to be revised regarding Planck's theoretical aspects of Electromagnetic (EM) radiation and absorption. Also deBroglie's particle-wave concept would need to be reconsidered as the "wave-particle duality of QM" which earned him the Nobel Prize in 1920. The following functional realationship is:

                                                            VpVw = c ^ 2

                                                   deltaX and deltaPx = h/2TT

where Vp is the mass particle velocity
          Vw is the velocity of the wave
          DeltaX is the uncertainty of the particle position
          DeltaPx is the uncertainty of the particle momemtum in the wave group (frequency)
          h/2TT is planck'c Constant

and that Vp < c and Vw > c such that light entering from the left and exiting the right was previously a problem in relativity from orthodox physics (1930). As a resolution, physics renamed this effect "information waves."  As  a breakthrough is research on faster-then-light (FTL) to which 9-11 dimensions were attributed to emotion; 12-14 dimensions were attributed to mind; and 15 and more dimensions were attributed to spirit. Of interest is the domain "emotion" where a deltron is considered for consciousness-activation (the law of attraction) which serves as the coupling-effect between Vp < c (electric: atoms/molecules) and Vw > c (magnetic: information waves). This ultimately requires a new physics to which 8 spaces are multidimensional having 11 dimensions as a frame of reference. Finally a reference that was considered as metaphysical is Terence McKenna's  research on time - acceleration.

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