Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Russian scientists Popova and Andrianova - Barkhausen effect

In another account from the same source in accordance to their biographies, "Dr. Victoria Popova has over 100 scientific publications and 14 patents. She is the best inventor of NCC HS. Whereas Dr. Lidia Andrianova has over 50 scientific publications and 4 patents.

Their dissertations were based on research of the Barkhausen effect and its application for nondestructive testing and evaluation of ferromagnetic materials. Later we understood that just the Barkhausen effect can explain the mechanism of global cataclysms beginning….

On the basis of decoded information they have written 12 books. Two of the books have been published in co-authorship with Dr. Marina Popovich.”

One source states, “"The Barkhausen effect is a series of sudden changes in the size and orientation of ferromagnetic domains, or microscopic clusters of aligned atomic magnets (spins), that occurs during a continuous process of magnetization or demagnetization.

This may have significance for the earth's magnetic field such that the  Barkhausen effect offers direct evidence for the existence of ferromagnetic domains, which previously had been postulated theoretically. Heinrich Barkhausen discovered that a slow, smooth increase of a magnetic field applied to a piece of ferromagnetic material, such as iron, causes it to become magnetized, not continuously but in minute steps." Could a meteorite be considered ferromagnetic? What would be the effects?

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Russian scientists Popova and Andrianova have created a series of 15 brief videos in English outlining the critical components of their discovery. Readers can access video #1 at the following URL:


The 15 video series can be accessed at:

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