Tuesday, July 17, 2012

12/21/2012: Destruction or Divination?

Relative to 12/21/2012; this event and antecedent events from now to current and the future... what may have a great significance regarding good or evil is based on what you believe; but, I have recently been made aware through the Internet via my email address ...from a fellow UFO research I know and stay in communication with from when I was an editor/publisher of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Tampa Bay chapter ( a future blog).

...that recently of great significance that one can review as youtube footage is an "interview with a Finnish lady Psychologist and public health doctor" who has been an "experiencer" for a good part of her life and has spoken out and written on this subject.

She was privy to attending a significant UFO congress in Russia where many scientists and researchers spoke to the assembly. The ONLY US representatives at that Congress were Col. John Alexander and his wife and  Major Stubblebineand his wife Rima Labow now Mrs. Stubblebine -- there is a charming anecdote about how they met at the Monroe institute in Farber VA. Are you aware of it?

    During that interview she related that she had written in one of her books about the reported case of a Russian wood cutter who, in the waking state, was invited aboard a UFO and was transported to a planet where he met with many people whom he recognized as having passed on.  As you know this could be totally visionary and symbolic, but there is a definite sub-theme in ufology that the ETs seem to have some sort of ability to live and move in the same space(s) as those whom we would view as deceased from this plain of existence.

That is an area that is both hard to research and little spoken of, but none the less has great significance for me and other researchers looking at these phenomena. It may be a myth that all the deceased just end up going to some sort of  "purgatory planet," but like the akashic records it may be a symbolic (not unlike our projection of dream symbols in our dreams) way that our human mind tends to view and organize our inner sensory experiences with the deceased when we are not meeting them in the context of a final passing over, an NDE light experience, or a mystical experience whether prompted by drugs (DMT) or other visionary inducing approaches. (holotropic breathing, hemi-sync stimulated alter states). All this is based on my research to which I have received as subconscious thought transmissions the following...take it as you will. 

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