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Psychic Excercise and the Aether Body

The ability to calm the body and clear the mind, to concentrate on a given subject and to see certain things in your mind's eye is a non-physical exercise that is learned. It is important to Find an environment for getting into a state of relaxation. It is best to begin by considering your own body, with particular attention paid to your breathing. This is not too difficult as breathing is something that everyone can do. Sit in a comfortable chair in which you can sit without falling asleep.

Once you have found your spot, sit rather quietly for about ten minutes at a time. That is how you start; just sitting quietly, doing nothing in particular. While sitting, try to notice how your body reacts. Note that twitch in your right leg. You cannot help but feel an itch in your scalp, so do not hesitate to scratch it. Feel your lungs filling with air, rising and falling, pushing out your rib cage and letting it fall back in.

As you sit, you will notice all of these things. Your body has certain places that are naturally tense. You will hear things you normally would ignore. Now all of that is really not very strange when you think about it. We all have had the experience of trying to fall asleep only to be constantly reminded of some slight creak in the house which during the activity of our waking hours we would not even hear because our minds were just too occupied to notice them.

Pay very close attention to all these things and you will discover something else that is very interesting. The more you listen to your own body, the less you are bothered by the thoughts of the day. This is because your conscious mind can only handle one piece of data. The more you practice, the more effective the mind becomes at blocking out unwelcome stimuli.
After you have done this for a week or two and it is starting to get really old and boring, it is time to add something that will control your mind still further and that is a mantra.

Sit comfortably. Try to breathe regularly, in a set rhythm. Notice each time you breathe how you inhale and exhale; use the sounds "so" and "hum." These are nothing more than an approximation of the noises the breath makes as it enters and leaves the body. They also have two other great advantages. First, they are very easy to remember. Second, it works. As you inhale, think the sound so and as you exhale think the sound hum. Just do this while you sit and you will notice that by doing this you can block out all manner of wandering thoughts which are distractions.

Practice this for about a month. You should, by that time, discover a few definite changes in yourself. First, you should be able to think more clearly. Second, you should be more relaxed in your everyday life. You will be able to blot out from your mind any unnecessary worries that might creep in. Worry, incidentally, is one thing which is not only unnecessary, but also dangerous. It creates thought-forms that can attract to you the very things you are worrying about.

But the main reason I am taking the time to teach you this technique is not to improve your mental health. That is a side benefit (no extra charge). Meditation has the added advantage of putting your mind into a condition to be better able to manipulate non-physical or psychic energy. Understand that your mind is constantly putting out this energy to the universe. Every second some part of your consciousness is transmitting into the aetheric body and thence to the psychic world. Most of these transmissions come to nothing because there is not enough energy behind them to hold them together. The thought message goes out and immediately dissipates into the aether.

Now you will learn how to make thought-forms and to concentrate psychic energy. This is going to take some time and practice, so I advise you to be patient. In order to concentrate, you must first have something to concentrate on, and by that I mean a concrete, physical object, rather than some abstract idea. Abstracts do not make good thought-forms. The PyramiTroniX Resonator is a pyramid mind machine... Try to notice as many different things about it as you can. What is it for, what is it made of? What other things can it be used for besides its intended purpose? Now sit back in your chair and relax. Begin your mantra like you always do, repeating so and then hum, breathing in and then out, completely naturally, until you feel that you have somehow managed to cut yourself off from the rest of the world.
Continue in this state and close your eyes.

Now comes the hard part. 

Try to see the PyramiTroniX Resonator in your mind's eye and hold it there as long as you can. You should find the experience to be a little disappointing at first because the image refuses to stay put. Remember to try to really see the PyramiTroniX Resonator, not to merely recite the word "PyramiTroniX Resonator." The image will flit in and out, with different parts appearing and disappearing. You will see the copper shape, the apex, the vertices or you may see nothing only to have the image leave completely. This is all perfectly natural and is an excellent indication of the way the mind works. It also explains why it is so difficult to create a working thought-form. Now you know why the "law of attraction" does not work if you can not visualize the object that you desire.

Do not be discouraged by failure. It took me some years to completely master the technique but I was easily distracted. I wish I could tell you just exactly how long it will take to get this down to the point were you can do it at will; unfortunately everyone is different. The best advice I can give is to keep at it.Once you have sufficiently mastered this practice to your own satisfaction, you will be ready to create your first real, deliberate thought-form.

What is a thought-form?

A thought-form is in the pre-physical world and its functions is to become a solid physical object which will constantly be radiating energy, and it will do so until the energy which is fed into it as its creation is exhausted.

Sit comfortably. You must now prepare yourself to work in the psychic world, and that means following certain forms and techniques, just as working in the physical world means a certain preparation. Begin to meditate. Use the mantra to clear your mind of the troubles of the day. There must be no outside interference with this, so get anything that will cause you to lose your concentration out of your head. Do not consciously will such unwelcome thoughts to leave; that will only impress them further. It is much better to simply ignore them and think your mantra.

Continue with your mantra, feeling your body detach itself from your surroundings. You should have your eyes closed at this point. If they remain open, you may actually notice a change in your perspective of the room you are in. Continue in this state as long as you wish. Now it is time to begin the visualizing. In your mind, see a beam of light coming into your body from the ceiling. Concentrate this light in your body, feeling yourself being filled with the light as if you were a bottle being filled with water. Hold the light in. It may even help to say something to yourself like

 "I fill myself with the energy of the universe." 

Now, see this energy forming itself into a ball in front of you. Keep packing the light into the ball so that it becomes more and more solidified. Make a wish, any wish, and put it into the ball. Then release it into the void. You will get exactly what you ask for, even if you do not know why you are asking for it. Therefore, it is of absolute importance that you never, never under any circumstances create a thought-form in a negative context. 

Congratulations, you have made your first thought-form, and if you have done it correctly, you should notice some tangible results. Let us now consider how you may use this new-found ability to your benefit. One of the most important things you have learned with this practice is that you can use this technique to program your own aetheric body to make it attract to you those things you desire. A simple experiment that you can do to prove to yourself that the aetheric body does, in fact, exist is to take your right hand and move it very slowly about an inch over the back of your left hand. Did you notice a slight feeling as if there were an air current in between your two hands? That feeling was your aetheric body. The net blog will get you to learn how to "control your own aetheric body" so that it can effectively extend itself to touch other people at a distance.

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