Wednesday, July 18, 2012

12-Strand DNA and Significance

 As a long-time member of the MUFON Tampa Society reinstated after a 5-year absence; I started getting involved with UFOlogists and related individuals. I recently became privy to "DNA Recoding"  which is the name given to a 3-part process of realigning, reconnecting, and reactivating the 12 DNA strands.

According to Jelaila it is a process that everyone is going through at the present time.  (An "accelerated" process of DNA Recoding is available for Star seeds, Walk-ins, and Light workers, who need to achieve a level of ascension necessary for them to then teach those that will follow in their footsteps.  In essence it is for the teachers and healers who will lead the way.)

Using these higher dimensional tools together provides you with the unique opportunity to energize your dormant DNA strands, while at the same time, clear, heal, and release the painful memories held within your physical body as illness, and within your emotional body as emotional blocks.  But that is not all.   At the same time that you are clearing and healing, you are reactivating your psychic glands giving you the abilities of clairaudience (hearing), clairkinescence (feeling), and clairvoyance (seeing) and ultimately clairsentience (full sensory).  All together these activities are returning you to your natural multidimensional state.

The Ascension Tools are available in books, booklets, as well as on CDs and DVDs.  Workshops are also available.  If anyone is interested please contact me by way of email address

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