Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Greetings and Salutations

Hello and welcome to my blog; I hope to empower you with different blogs to change your life by accelerating the law of attraction. This blog site which always will focus o the main theme of accelerating the law of attraction will include other topics from suppressed science and technology to new advances in medical and health discoveries to alleviate disease as a natural perspective. I urge you to always come back for these blogs because embedded in the content are business opportunities seldom told. As your host, I look forward to any positive comments since that is one of the secrets to accelerating the law of attraction. I will also run contests that you can enter as a raffle for thirty days. you can enter the contest as many times necessary to winner an IPad or other mystery prize. Just for entering you will receive a free CD on "Accelerating the Law of Attraction." I will announce this in upcoming blogs...the key is participation and interaction The graphic is not the raffled prize :8( is a "creative-contextual structured matrix" -- a thought-form that I place inside the pyramid cavity (send for a FREE CD) So greetings, my name is Raymond W. Ebbeler, CEO of eBooksBux, inventor and investor, I am best known as the White Hat Specialist, and I am here to inform you that you never have to settle for less when you can have, be, and do so much more...How? with the right mind-set and right-connections. Why, as a member with Global Information Network you are privy to information not made available through normal channels because the membership is private. However for a limited time the club has opened their doors to enroll new members to receive new and enriching information. The community is comprised of 7-8-9 figure income earners from over 150 countries. Through them I receive insider information as MP3, CDs, DVDs and other communications (subconscious transmissions). The organization is considered a secret society such that as a member you share information with millionaires and billionaires. The exchange of sharing difficult-to-obtain, insider information has been a secret of the ultra-rich. As your sponsor, I will introduce you to the key people to assist you in your life's endeavors...whether that is starting a business, expanding an existing business, or seeking financial support for other projects that could use a helping hand. Why? Because it is not how much you know but who you know that catapults your success. After struggling working as a mental health counselor , I had for 20 years, I had enough insight to change for the better which meant saying bye to old friends who had no desire to change their mediocre lifestyle to become one of the ultra-rich. I have a net worth of (sorry you are not yet a member). As you aware, the economy will be a challenge for most if not all middle-income earners, and that it is imperative that you become one of the ultra-rich lest you become one of the many poor who will struggle if the economy becomes a hyperinflation. Since becoming a member I invest in my future through silver and gold, real estate, and other money-making ventures. The best part, is that you will surround yourself around positive individuals who will look out for your success. Take a FREE test drive now or become an affiliate for free and enroll others to receive compensation for your humanitarian efforts as an affiliate. However, as a member you will attend a three-day all expense paid cruise -- destination not determined at this time ($5,000 value)to receive training in accelerating the law of attraction.. The graphic is... my wish for you to command your life which is a 12 CD Success Mastery course for raising your frequency to attract positive enriching events by living in the present but focusing on the future.

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